Song I Wrote for My Parents

Today I share with you one of my most personal projects to date.


I wrote this new song 'When We Were Happy' in honor and memory of my parents.


The footage in the video is real footage of my parents and my family, and it contains:


My parents outside my mother's house before their prom date. They are practicing some dancing to warm up for the night ahead.

Their early days together picking apples and riding horses.

Their wedding.

Their babies and kids when they were little (myself, and my younger brother and sister.)


My entire heart is in this, and it has been born with a lot of laughter and tears while composing this at my piano and pouring over family videos. I could have made this hours long, and it was hard to select just a few sections for the video. My parents and grandparents were quite prolific in their video productions of our family!


I miss my parents everyday. They were so special and adorable.


Thank you so much for following me, and for all your support. 


The official release date is on February 14th, 2020. - Valentine's Day.


As always, thank you so much for any likes and comments you may wish to provide on YouTube. Your feedback is so special to me!


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