Thank You to Kathy Parsons for her review of 'Born of the Sea'

Thank you so much to Kathy Parsons of Mainly Piano for her wonderful review of my EP with Ian Urbina for the Outlaw Ocean Music Project!

Here is an excerpt. Read the whole review, right here.

"Born of the Sea is Grammy®-winning pianist/composer Laura Sullivan's contribution to The Outlaw Ocean Music Project. The Project was inspired by Ian Urbina's best-selling book The Outlaw Ocean and several hundred artists from all over the world and representing many genres of music are participating by composing and recording music that expresses their feelings about the book and its revelations about the many horrors committed on the world's vast ocean waters. Everything from slavery, murder, staggering pollution and illegal fishing to human trafficking often go unreported and undetected in international waterways, so it's fantastic that Urbina is getting the word out in as many forms as possible - his excellent book, hundreds of artists composing music inspired by the book, and other visual media." - Kathy Parsons, Mainly Piano

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