The Music of Laura Sullivan

Piano Solos

The Music of Laura Sullivan

Piano Solos is the first album by Grammy® Winning artist, Laura Sullivan. You will be in pure soothing relaxation listening to this album if you love relaxing piano music, modern classical music, and soothing instrumental music. 

This CD contains blissful music to soothe your soul. Perfect for an introspective journey, relaxing massage or a walk through the autumn leaves.

Most modern recordings use digital effects, zillions of tracks, and lowest common denominator melodies to grab listeners' attention. Laura Sullivan refuses to do business this way. She is an extraordinary pianist and composer. To record her 2003 release, piano solos, Sullivan set up camp with only a few high end microphones, an amazing piano, and her own simple/ sophisticated style of self expression. On tracks like "Hope for the Sun" and "Lullaby," Sullivan's delicate melodies cross stitch the space with feminine grace and expert agility. Then "Calls to Spirit" puts force behind the chords before we're taken on a sweet and sacred journey with "Dreaming Underwater." Even with these different levels of energy the music is always soothing, vital, and personal. Without a word ever spoken, these songs transmit the stories of this gifted composer's heart. The sweet and silky performances of Laura Sullivan's Piano Solos may be called "New Age" by some but this music speaks volumes without being confined to a genre. Dizzy with passion, intelligence and creativity, the performance and purity of this collection is a dreamy musical treasure. In these days of style over substance Laura Sullivan proves there is still music that operates on a deep and meaningful level. --Jeff Leisawitz, Indie Music Review

An interesting collection of seven original pieces, three pieces by Roy Finch, and Claire de Lune by Debussy. A strong and passionate pianist, Sullivan brings a distinctive new voice to contemporary piano. --Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications

CD PRODUCT PACKAGING: This CD is packaged in an all new, lightweight, professional, eco-friendly holder for CDs called a jacket. The CD jacket is like the vinyl record jackets that your father (or grandfather) used to have on the shelf. These are identical, only smaller. The CD is professionally printed in full color.

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