The Music of Laura Sullivan

900 Voices

900 Voices is a song and video produced through collaborative crowdsourcing with people all around the world.

The song from the video is a composition by Laura Sullivan titled We Are Love. Laura invited people around the globe to video themselves singing this song. The response was overwhelming.

Laura and her husband Eric Sullivan produced the video 900 Voices with the help of Eepybird Studios, using the videos that were sent to them from many wonderful people. The final video edit includes more than 27 languages from 938 people involved in the project.

Everyone was encouraged to be part of the creation and to send in videos. It was not exclusive to professional singers or musicians, but open to anyone of any age, ability or background and from any location in the world.

Many people created their videos by taking a selfie on their cell phones or through their webcam or other video device.

The purpose of this musical creation is simply to celebrate our love and connection as humanity.

Watch the 900 Voices Video

See the names of many the wonderful people involved in the making of 900 Voices.