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Introducing Laura Sullivan - Special Gift for Limited Time

by Laura Sullivan

Who is composer and recording artist, Laura Sullivan?

Many of you know me by hearing my music on Pandora, or through my music releases. Perhaps you have heard my music in the underscore of your favorite television program or on YouTube. But who is this person behind the music? I thought I’d share a little more about my history, for those of you who may not yet know me so well.

I grew up in the country in the Northern California foothills in a 100 year old farmhouse beneath the views of both Mt. Shasta and Mt. Lassen. Our farmstead was on the exact same land that was the home of Ishi, the last Native American to live in those parts. He roamed the foothills in secret and solitude for several years before he finally gave himself over to the non-natives. His story fascinated me growing up, and I was fortunate that my mother had a compassionate interest in him as well which led to some interesting family exploration of him, and the cultures of the people who were our forefathers, if not by culture then by location.

My mother was an author and therapist. She wrote several children’s books, including a book on the Maidu Indians of our region titled “Nesuya’s Basket.”

Our family of five grew and raised all of our own food, including the making of our own bread, butter, cheese, and yogurt. Nothing went to waste and any scraps were either fed to the animals or added to our compost mix for transfer to our garden.

Recreation on the farm included long days of play in our tree houses, creek and irrigation ditches. Being covered in mud was pretty much a daily happening.

Our house was filled with music. Both my parents played instruments and sang. We had a piano and drum set in our dining room and after dinner jam sessions were a common occurrence. 

My mother introduced me to the piano when I was four years old and she was my first teacher. Some of the first songs I learned to play, mostly by ear, were from my mother’s favorite Beatles songbook which she played frequently. Our piano was an old upright that first belonged to my Great Grandmother Etta. Grandma Etta taught all her daughters to play the piano so that they would have ameans to support themselves.

As I got a little older I had several piano teachers besides my mother before High School. Fortunately for me, my mother didn’t put a lot of pressure on me to practice. The piano was more like a toy and this worked for me. It was used playfully and frequently and I developed my own style of improvisation at an early age, taking classical compositions and spinning them my own way.

My early childhood was one of great nurturing and I’m so grateful to my parents for sowing those beautiful seeds of a start to life filled with warmth, creativity and roots deep in nature and holistic living.

Naturally, everything has not been a constant flow of rainbows and flowers. There have been many trials that have come and gone as happens in everyone’s life. Two examples. I lost my precious mother on this side of life to cancer. I struggled for many years with infertility, but was able to overcome that through both natural and medical means, and feel stronger to be on the other side with a beautiful daughter that my husband and I cherish beyond anything else.

I learned to channel my emotions into music creation. It became my outlet and remains the place I go to as a release to this day. I know it is my life’s purpose and calling to create music and feel so blessed to be able to share this gift. My journey as an artist has led me to some wonderful places, including composing music that has been placed in Emmy winning documentaries, numerous TV scores and a Grammy® win for Best New Age Album in 2014. I’m so very grateful for these opportunities, and for the ones that are yet on the horizon.

With every composition I do my best to channel love and connection, with gratitude that the music comes through me from divinity, which we are all part of and of which we are all one. I put into it all my life experiences, the great and small, the painful and the joyous, and even a little bit of the earth from the mud that I played in as a child.

It’s my pleasure for the opportunity to share this music with you.

My latest CD release is coming out on December 11th.

This new release is titled Calm Within: Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind

If you would be interested in considering writing a brief and honest review on, I’ll be happy to share a complimentary copy with you of Calm Within: Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind right away, as my special gift to you. The reviews from listeners are always helpful to those who are browsing the Amazon site wondering which music would fulfill their needs.

If you would like a free review copy, please send me an email to and specify if you prefer a digital or hard copy of the CD. If you would like a hard physical CD copy, I will also need your mailing address. I’ll be sure to include my autograph on the CD before I send it out to you.

Please note that I have a limited number of review copies. Please email me before November 15th if you are interested in a free review copy of my new CD, and ASAP before they are all gone! Please note that I can only ship CDs for review to US locations. International reviewers are welcome to have a digital copy.

Listen to the tracks from the album here.

You can hear more of my music and connect with me further through my website.  

This comes with much love and gratitude.  


Laura Sullivan
Laura Sullivan


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