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Want to Know 3 Amazing Secrets to Relaxation?

by Laura Sullivan

What are three amazing secrets to relaxation? Well, being that this is coming from me, composer and recording artist Laura Sullivan, if you are guessing I’m going to be talking about the wonders of music to induce relaxation, you are right! Please read on to learn more about some specifics of the great power of music to heal and relax, which we all know inherently as we are all musical beings in that we are human. 

3. Listening to the RIGHT type of music creates a state of relaxation. Music is an emotion inducer and magnifier that can be used to powerfully effect our mood to produce a state of relaxation. In order to feel relaxed, we must feel emotions that are contented, peaceful, loving and serene. If we are full of anger or sadness, it will be more difficult to achieve a relaxed state of body and mind. Negative emotions and calm spirit and body do not mix well together, and music can help us overcome these negative emotions as studies have indicated

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling happy and uplifted, that listening to positive music can lift your spirits even higher? Have you ever been driving in the car and suddenly a sentimental song comes on the radio and your mood is affected, bringing you to tears?  

Music is so powerful that it can transform our mood. We can thus use music as a tool in crafting, emphasizing, or de-emphasizing our emotions.  

In knowing this, and in wanting to have full control over our emotions as sentient beings, it is wise to be very careful with the music that we listen to.

There is music that can soothe our nerves, like a musical massage. There is music that can jangle our nerves and leave us feeling like we need a massage!  

What is the right type of music for you? It is widely known and studies have indicated that music of a slower tempo helps the heart rate slow down. Music that is 60 BPM is a good rate for matching the heart to the tempo of the music.  

Music that is crafted with the intention of being relaxing and which was created by an artist who is a sound healer and understands the musical chords, progressions, tempos and tones that lend to a relaxing sound is a good place to begin. Experiment and find what works for you. 

Let us all be careful in what we let in, that we only let in music that is relaxing, that will fill and fulfill our hearts with love, compassion and nurturing energy for ourselves that we can then use to nurture others and our planet.

2. Listen to music during times of stressful activities to shield your body and mind from stress and fatigue. Does your job cause you to feel stressed? Do you get fatigued doing yard work or household chores? There are salient studies that have determined that listening to music WHILE we are performing activities that could be stress inducing or fatiguing, we recover faster and have less physical and mental trauma as a result. 

Listening to music while we are at work, or doing chores, or any activity that we know may cause us stress can act as a defense to our physical and mental health. 

1. Listen to relaxing music for at least 45 minutes to achieve best results. A very interesting study proved that people who listen to at least 45 minutes of music will sleep better and more rested, and for a longer duration. Sleep continues to improve over several weeks as people continue their regime of listening to music. It is OK if you are listening to music while doing other things. Hearing the music in itself is what is important to the inner healing which brings relaxation, including the ability to sleep restfully.   

I hope this has been helpful in confirming what I’m certain you already know intrinsically about the beneficial healing and defensive powers of relaxing music.  

As a composer, I’m dedicated to creating music that is deeply relaxing and intended to heal from within.

My latest CD is titled Calm Within: Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind

The music in this audio CD was created with the intention of using the principles of science to induce deep relaxation

All the songs have a BPM of 60 or lower. This has been noted to be the beats per minute that will calm the heart rate as it causes the brain to synchronize with the beat, producing a frequency from 8-14 hertz per second which causes an alpha brainwave state.

Stanford University Researchers found that listening to calming music can change brain functioning to the same extent as medication. Listening to the right sounds can bring the gift of healing, and rejuvenation.

These songs are further designed to relax through repetition of musical phrases, and positive memory association, initiated to bring listeners to a relaxed and happy space. All these special intentions of conception have formed a powerful album for deep peace and tranquility, bringing connection to spirit, mind and body.

These compositions were produced to bring instant well being, soothing and a feeling of purity. Intended for use for both children and adults, to alleviate stress and promote light within and to be beneficial in getting to sleep and resting peacefully through the night.

Other uses include Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Spa Music and any activity where complete serenity is desired.

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The CD will be delivered to you on it’s release date, December 11, 2015

Laura Sullivan is an established New Age and Grammy® Winning artist who is inspired and led to creation promoting holistic health of mind and body. For further information on Laura Sullivan visit her website.

Laura Sullivan
Laura Sullivan


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