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How to Get More Magic from the Awesome Genome

by Laura Sullivan

Many of us use Pandora to enjoy our favorite music, day and night.  But, perhaps you are one of the many people who has not discovered Pandora yet, and even if you have, there may be a few tweaks to enhance your listening experience that you can learn here.

Pandora is an awesome online radio station, where you can listen to music for free in a vast variety of genres. It was started by several musicians who created a project called the Music Genome. This project analyses each song according to a set of 450 unique characteristics. The musicologists who work for Pandora are highly trained in music theory and great detail and care goes into the categorization of each and every song on their platform. 

What does this mean for you? Because of all this analyses, you now have at your fingertips an amazing tool to quickly and extremely easily have a radio station that is perfect for your individual tastes that you can listen to 24 hours a day. 

Did you know that your activity on Pandora affects your experience and the music that you hear daily going forward? 

There are three tricks to getting the most out of your Pandora listening experience and self selecting the type of music that comes towards you from the app or your browser in a way that will be most pleasing to your unique ears.

  1. Create Stations. On Pandora you can start your own radio station, or stations, based on an artist that you like, your favorite a genre, or even a holiday. Just type what you are wanting to hear into the little box on the top left that says “create station” and your own custom station will be created just for you!
  2. Thumbs up, or thumbs down songs. As you are listening to your new station you will see a thumbs up or thumbs down sign appear over the artwork of the songs as they are being played. Pandora pays great attention to your feedback here. If you don’t like a particular song they will make sure that song as well as similar songs are not played on your station anymore.
  3. Skip songs you don’t like. Pandora allows for a limited amount of songs to be skippedper hour. When you skip songs, Pandora will pay attention and even ask you why you have skipped a song! They will then play less of the type of songs that you have skipped.

By the way, I am in no way affiliated with the company Pandora, except that you can listen to my music there, for free.

In case you are just meeting me, I’m Laura Sullivan, a Grammy ® winning composer and recording artist dedicated to creating music that is healing, relaxing and beautiful.

I invite you to listen to my music completely unlimited and for free 24/7 by creating your own Laura Sullivan station on Pandora today!


Laura Sullivan
Laura Sullivan


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